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“Lucky Number” Pendant

Our “Lucky Number” Pendant, a sweet ode to the magic of the number 13, our favorite number. Imbued with the whimsy and charm of serendipitous moments, this pendant is a lyrical emblem of fortune’s tender whisper.

Each curve of the ’13’ is more than a number—it’s a melody of fortunate moments, a tender serenade to serendipity. Crafted for the dreamers who find beauty in life’s simple coincidences, our “Lucky Number” Pendant is a poetic companion on your journey through every chapter of life.

Available in the gentle whisper of Sterling Silver or the rich, melodious embrace of 14k White, Yellow, or Rose Gold, each pendant is meticulously crafted, echoing the tender rhythm of luck’s sweet serenade.

Each piece is made to order and ships in 1-2 weeks.