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The Eras Collection

Embark on a melodious journey with Capo & Co.’s The Eras Collection. Tenderly crafted by a heartfelt Swiftie and graced with the lyrical whispers of her musical voyage, our jewelry is a luxurious homage.

Fine Jewelry Passionately Designed and Crafted by a Swiftie

Whether a devoted Swiftie or an aficionado of exquisite jewelry, The Eras Collection enchants with the timeless romance of musical epochs.

Our meticulously handcrafted jewelry is made to order, woven with notes of love and presented in 14k Gold, 14k Rose Gold, 14k White Gold, and 925 Silver.

The Eras Collection offers an invitation to partake in a narrative of grace, lyrical romance, and timeless elegance. Whether touched by the romantic tales spun through tender harmonies or simply enchanted by the elegant marriage of music and design.

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“Love You To The…” Moon & Saturn Pendant Set

Celebrate the celestial duet of affection with our "Love You To The..." Moon & Saturn Pendant Set. This ensemble embodies a poetic voyage from the moon to Saturn, representing a love that's as vast and enduring as the cosmos.


“Lucky Number” Pendant

Our "Lucky Number" Pendant, a sweet ode to the magic of the number 13, our favorite number. Imbued with the whimsy and charm of serendipitous moments, this pendant is a lyrical emblem of fortune's tender whisper.


“Love You To The…” Moon Pendant

Adorn the night sky's gentle luminary with our "Love You To The..." Moon Pendant. The tender curves and silvery gleam of this pendant embody a promise of endless affection, reminiscent of the moon's enduring glow.


“Forever Fearless” Pendant

Embark on a tender narrative of enduring courage with our Forever Fearless Pendant. Intricately crafted, the silhouette of two hands tenderly forming a heart narrates a tale of love held fearlessly, a sweet serenade to the brave hearts in melodious love stories.


“Love You To…” Saturn Pendant

Venture on a cosmic odyssey of affection with our "Love You To..." Saturn Pendant. The iconic rings and golden hue of this Saturn pendant symbolize a love that's boundless, ever-encompassing and as infinite as the cosmos.


Hand Crafted Fine Diamonds and Jewelry for Swifties, by a Swiftie ❤️

Immerse yourself in the tender craftsmanship of Capo & Co.’s diamond and jewelry collection, passionately created by a devoted fan. Each piece embodies the lyrical essence and emotional resonance we love as passionate Swifties.