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What Is A Private Jeweler?

Here to save the day and your wallet!

Private Jewelers Are Your 'Internal Source'

A private jeweler, simply put, is a jeweler who works one-on-one with their clients and takes those clients by appointment. They then work with suppliers and wholesalers to get their clients the best products at the best prices.

Not so scary right?

Imagine this...

You walk into a traditional jewelry store and are immediately escorted to work directly with the owner! There are rings, pendants, and diamonds all laid out to be seen, and each one was hand-picked to your specifications and your budget.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well if you’re working with a private jeweler, that’s your reality.

A Private Jeweler's Only Goal

As private jewelers, our only goal is to make our clients happy, save them money, and get them exactly what they want!

Here's How Private Jewelers Help

We know that private jewelers can save you time, money and heartache. But here’s what they do specifically.

We ask our clients super detailed questions

A jeweler can’t give you exactly what you want if they don’t know what you want. A typical jewelry store functions in the “try until you die” method. Have the client try on as many pieces as possible to find out what they like.

Private jewelers tend to carry much leaner inventories, so it’s important that we ask as many questions as possible to get the gist of your style, preferences, wants, and wishes.

We find you a beautiful piece of jewelry, while staying well within budget

People tend to get uncomfortable when you ask them what their budget is. I can understand why! The age-old stigma of jewelers pushing clients to their financial limits still looms to this day.

We treat your budget as a tool, not an incentive.

My job is to take the budget you give me and show you what you can get for that budget. Managing expectations and being realistic is also a part of that job description. But unlike a traditional box store, a private jeweler can offer more options and better solutions so that we can stick as close to your budget as you’re comfortable with and still get something you’ll love.

There's no buying pressure with private jewelers

Have you ever walked into a traditional jewelry store and they didn’t have what you wanted?

Then, did the salespeople pressure you to try on pieces that you didn’t even like?

We call that the “try until you buy” method… and it’s annoying!

We all know how it goes… *sigh* 

Typical "box store" experience 👎

Private jewelers have access to diamonds and jewelry at different wholesalers

Ready to see behind the jewelry curtain? In this business, it’s important for private jewelers to cultivate relationships with multiple wholesalers! That way when we have a client who’s looking for that extra special piece, we can call around and find out who has it and who can send it our way, at the best price!

A private jeweler's variety is endless!

Our clients get to see options they actually want and have access to inventory that a typical ‘box store’ refuses to provide!

written with ❤️ by Jordan Capo