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In Fate’s Hands

Off again with your adventuring party, eh? D&D, Pathfinder, and RPG lovers rejoice! These dangle earrings were inspired by the lads and lasses who are brave enough to embark on a campaign through treacherous lands and foes! To those brave souls who are willing to cast the dice and see what unfolds before them. These […]


Don’t Bother Knocking

Is that a party I hear? Or just friends having tea? This pendant was inspired by the smell of fresh bread, the sound of a roaring fire, and the whistle a hot teapot. Home is where the heart is, and the heart lies with those you love most. The ones for who you would leave […]


Coronation Twisted Pendant

Coronations are a celebration of ascension, strength, grace, and sometimes, love. This Elvish design pendant was inspired by the crowns of elven royalty that came before us, and a love that lasted the ages. The pendant was designed to remind yourself of the queen that you are. And no one shall contest it! It is […]