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Don’t Tell The

Sometimes the best of friends are found in the most unlikely of people. Or elves! But don’t worry.. It’s our little secret! This ring (pendant) was inspired by the dichotomy in us all. While we might have hard edges, we may be soft and gentle on the inside. And these two differences can coexist in […]


Ethereal Grace Dangle

Winding and curling. Shimmering and shining. Moving with grace just as a river flows or a leaf floats on air. These earrings were inspired by the grace that is around us every day. From the sounds of a stream, to the jingle of wind chimes, it is found in the trees, the leaves, the water, […]


Coronation Twisted Pendant

Coronations are a celebration of ascension, strength, grace, and sometimes, love. This Elvish design pendant was inspired by the crowns of elven royalty that came before us, and a love that lasted the ages. The pendant was designed to remind yourself of the queen that you are. And no one shall contest it! It is […]