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Defender Of The

Off again with your adventuring party, eh? D&D, Pathfinder, and RPG lovers rejoice! This pendant was inspired by the lads and lasses who are brave enough to embark on a campaign through treacherous lands and foes! To those brave souls who are willing to cast the dice and see what unfolds before them. This pendant […]


Coronation Twisted Pendant

Coronations are a celebration of ascension, strength, grace, and sometimes, love. This Elvish design pendant was inspired by the crowns of elven royalty that came before us, and a love that lasted the ages. The pendant was designed to remind yourself of the queen that you are. And no one shall contest it! It is […]


The King’s Sigil

Shining like a beacon, your loyalty to the King is unwavering. Hooray for the King! This ring was inspired by those who have bathed in the light of Yggdrasil and have heeded its call across the realms of men. For when the King calls, creatures big or small, will come to aid. The hearts of […]