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The Wanderer’s Gift

Are you lost? Or do you wander? This ring was inspired by those whose spirits float on wind like leaves, going wherever life takes them. They are the ones you will find walking along, singing a song, completely content and carefree. Their countenance is a gift. This ring was designed as a subtle way to […]


“Love You To…”

Venture on a cosmic odyssey of affection with our "Love You To..." Saturn Pendant. The iconic rings and golden hue of this Saturn pendant symbolize a love that's boundless, ever-encompassing and as infinite as the cosmos.


The King’s Sigil

Shining like a beacon, your loyalty to the King is unwavering. Hooray for the King! This ring was inspired by those who have bathed in the light of Yggdrasil and have heeded its call across the realms of men. For when the King calls, creatures big or small, will come to aid. The hearts of […]