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In Fate’s Hands

Off again with your adventuring party, eh? D&D, Pathfinder, and RPG lovers rejoice! This pendant was inspired by the lads and lasses who are brave enough to embark on a campaign through treacherous lands and foes! To those brave souls who are willing to cast the dice and see what unfolds before them. This pendant […]


Don’t Tell The

Sometimes the best of friends are found in the most unlikely of people. Or elves! But don’t worry.. It’s our little secret! This ring (pendant) was inspired by the dichotomy in us all. While we might have hard edges, we may be soft and gentle on the inside. And these two differences can coexist in […]


The Wanderer’s Gift

Are you lost? Or do you wander? This ring was inspired by those whose spirits float on wind like leaves, going wherever life takes them. They are the ones you will find walking along, singing a song, completely content and carefree. Their countenance is a gift. This ring was designed as a subtle way to […]