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“Lucky Number” Pendant

Our "Lucky Number" Pendant, a sweet ode to the magic of the number 13, our favorite number. Imbued with the whimsy and charm of serendipitous moments, this pendant is a lyrical emblem of fortune's tender whisper.


“Love You To

Celebrate the celestial duet of affection with our "Love You To The..." Moon & Saturn Pendant Set. This ensemble embodies a poetic voyage from the moon to Saturn, representing a love that's as vast and enduring as the cosmos.


“Forever Fearless” Pendant

Embark on a tender narrative of enduring courage with our Forever Fearless Pendant. Intricately crafted, the silhouette of two hands tenderly forming a heart narrates a tale of love held fearlessly, a sweet serenade to the brave hearts in melodious love stories.